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How Can You Benefit?

Affordable insurance

By staggering your premium payments, you can secure finance at our attractive rates. IPFL's premium financing model is designed to keep your charges down to an affordable level, utilising our unique arrangements for the marine insurance market.

Quicker claims settlements

Collection of claims will be swifter as the insurers will already have received the full premium soon after the inception of the policy period.

Improved cash flow

Spreading the cost of your insurance cover gives you greater control over your cash flow by regulating your outgoings.

More working capital

Now that you do not have to find the money to pay the full year's premium in one lump sum or to settle the premium in large chunks when perhaps you can least afford it, you can free up the money to reinvest in your business.

Consolidated insurance payments

Premiums applicable to more than one policy can be consolidated into regular monthly payments to assist your budgeting.

Tax deductible interest

In most domiciles, interest on instalments is tax deductible.